Mid-length hairstyles rule the school!

PaleyFest 2014 trend alert: which hairstyle made the cut?

What do stars Emma Roberts , Caitlin Fitzgerald, Cristin Milioti, Lizzy Caplan, and Jessica Pare have in common? Yep, they're all on television... and they all attended PaleyFest 2014!

What's PaleyFest?

PaleyFest is an annual television festival that aims to connect viewers with the cast and crew members of their favorite tv shows! This year, PaleyFest ran from March 16-28, and hosted panels to honor shows such as Pretty Little Liars, Lost, How I Met Your Mother, Parks and Recreation, Orange is the New Black, Mad Men, American Horror Story, and Masters of Sex.

Trend alert

Aside from getting the inside scoop on some of our favorite series, PaleyFest taught us something we weren't expecting: mid-length hairstyles are a seriously hot commodity in Hollywood hair at the moment! We saw at least a dozen fantastic mid-length hairstyles at PaleyFest, and that is more than enough to declare it an official celebrity trend!

While there were a few straight and sleek looks (a la Elisabeth Moss and Cristin Milioti), the curled and tousled styles were clearly favored. Christina Hendricks, Emma Roberts, and Retta were among those who opted for a polished and sculpted effect, while Maggie Grace and Caitlin Fitzgerald went for loose, beachy waves.

Why try?

Mid-length hair offers the best of both worlds. It's short enough that it doesn't require huge amounts of haircare product or extra drying time, but long enough that you're not stuck with just one styling option. It's also a great way to improve the overall health of your hair- by chopping off dry and/or split ends, you can virtually "undo" years of heat styling damage.

So, will you be trying this celebrity-approved style? We certainly will!

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