Paloma looked like a retro beauty princess for the Emporio Armani show on the 20 September.

Paloma Faith at MFW Emporio Armani show: Retro beauty inspiration

by Hannah Ikin -

Paloma Faith is fast becoming a Fashion Week favourite of ours. No one can pull of a zany fashion statement quite like Paloma (Ronald McDonald inspired style anyone?) but she can also rock a great retro beauty look.

At the Milan Fashion Week Emporio Armani show, she pulled of what might just be her best old school look to date. Just look at her, she's amazing!

Adorable style

Paloma's getup looks like something out of a retro fairytale. Her blue dress and frilly socks remind us of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz but in a really good way. She didn't go all out and add red shoes though, no, it was princess slippers for this beauty queen. And that hat... no words... except Oh, Paloma, you've done it again!

Eyes: big brows and cat eye flicks

Paloma is a huge fan of the cat eye look, and we think it suits her down to the ground! It's elegant, sophisticated and a little bit cheeky, just like the singer herself. For the Emporio Armani show, she bravely skipped the eyeliner on her lower lashline to draw maximum attention to the graphic lines going on on top.

As for her brows, where Paloma is concerned, bigger is better. This time was no exception, she wore her brows with pride! They are a different colour to her locks, but she didn't feel the need to dye them to match her hairdo... which might have looked a little bit funny (haha and weird) in any case. We love her attitude!

Hair: retro waves

To match her makeup, Paloma contined the fifties theme by styling her hair into retro waves. If you want to recreate her gorgeous locks then you are going to need some serious blowdrying, curling and hairspray... so watch out!

All hail the princess of fashion week! Stay tuned for more Paloma love.

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