Kesha at the premiere of Disney's 'Planes: Fire & Rescue', July 15 2014

Pastel hair and pastel makeup like Kesha, yes or no?

Kesha has gone through quite a few style tranformations over the years, but it seems that her lilac locks are here to stay, at least for a while. If you've also followed the celebrity pastel-hair trend, or if you're thinking about it for summer, we have a Kesha-inspired question for you: matching makeup or not? Let's break it down...

Purple, purple, everywhere

On your eyes and in your hair

Kesha has the most beautiful grey-blue eyes, and the lilac actually helps bring them out. She's also wisely decided to stick with a nude lip and very little, if anything, blush-wise. The fact that we can see her cute freckles means she hasn't used much foundation (probably just a BB or CC cream and some powder) so it seems that, apart from her eye makeup, Kesha is relatively au naturel!

So, how do we feel about matching hair color with eyeshadow? Our opinion is that Kesha pulls it off because the purple on her eyes is quite discreet, and the dark black eyeliner and mascara give her eyes definition.

We really like the smudgy effect of the kohl under her eyes, which gives her that signature rock chick, grunge look that she's known for! If you look carefully you'll also see that she's applied a shade of pale lavendar (almost cream) on the inner corners of her eyelids, which widens the appearance of her eyes and creates an almost gradiated color effect.

Lessons to take away:

If you are going to match your pastel hair with your eyeshadow

- Don't go overboard, keep it light

- Use a volumizing mascara and striking eyeliner

- Own it!

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