Kate Walsh at the FX Networks Upfront Premiere Screening Of "Fargo", April 9

Perfect curls: Kate Walsh hair inspiration

Kate Walsh is definitely going up on our Best Hair of Spring 2014 list now that we've seen this photo of her at the screening of television show "Fargo" on April 9. Seriously, just look.

Spiraling into perfection

While she might not be a natural redhead, Kate Walsh knows how to style her orange hair to perfection. We've put together a tutorial that, regardless of what color your hair is, will help you copy Kate's perfect curls.

Copy Kate

Step one:

Kate is rocking some serious high shine in this picture. To get glossy locks, apply a shine-enhancing serum to damp hair after washing and distribute throughout your hair with fingertips or a comb. Curls like Kate's don't have an ounce of frizz to them, so smooth, glossy hair is your goal before you reach for that curling iron.

Step two:

When you hair is smooth and strong, use a tail comb to give yourself a clean side part. You hair will feel more natural on one side, so don't worry about copying Kate's sideswept left shoulder look: if you prefer your hair on your right, go for it!

Step three:

Now is the time for the curling iron. Apply a heat protectant, then start at the back with a 2" barrel, making sure the curls are well-formed and that you don't miss any sections. If the curls are too tight, don't worry - they will drop quickly to the desired level. Don't encourage them to drop with your fingers or you'll mess them up.

When curling, don't roll the barrel all the way to your scalp, but stop 3/4 of the way up. For the curls at the front, follow your natural layers, curling inwards when it comes to the section over your forehead.

Step four:

Check that all the hair is swept over your shoulder, then use a high-shine, strong hold hairspray to secure your curls in place.

Top tip: Kate adds texture and dimension to her curls thanks to her orange-blonde ombré look. Highlights and ombré effects give definition to curls, as you can see here.

Who else is on our Best Hair list this season?

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