Pixie Lott was spotted rocking some very on-trend dark lipstick at the Temperley spring 2014 catwalk show during London Fashion Week on 15 September 2013.

Pixie Lott at London Fashion Week: dark lipstick for Temperley show

by Kathy Saunders -

After a lot of very successful beauty looks recently, Pixie Lott is continuing to show us exactly what she and her makeup bag are made of at London Fashion Week. For the Temperley spring 2014 catwalk show, the popstar went for a smouldering femme fatale look with some daringly dark lipstick.

Ordinarily, we would advise against paring such a shade with smoky eyes but, in Pixie's case, it works! And anyway, if you can't take beauty risks at Fashion Week, where on earth can you (apart from Halloween)?

The untouchable LBD

Perhaps the reason Pixie got away with such an intense makeup combination was due to her low-key hairstyle and the simplicity of her outfit - the little black dress strikes again! Getting away with breaking certain beauty rules is only really possible if you keep your look well balanced and, as far as we're concerned, that's exactly what Pixie did.

Ok, so she was definitely wearing a "Lott" of makeup but it all fell into place quite nicely because she wasn't excessive with any of it. Her choice of banana yellow nail polish added a little ray of sunshine to the whole thing, too!

When to DIY à la Pixie

Because of the nature of this beauty look, it's probably best to save it for a glamorous party or night out rather than wearing it to work - or anywhere else that might require relatively conservative dress code - except for the nail polish because a bit of yellow will make anyone smile, even your boss!

Remember, just because people do it at fashion week, doesn't mean it'll always work in the real world; nevermind how much more fun(ny) the world would be if it did...

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