Emma Roberts at 'American Horror Story: Coven' event, PaleyFest 2014

Powder blue nails, as seen on Emma Roberts

What were you hiding from, Emma Roberts ? Maybe she got scared during the American Horror Story presentation. Whatever the reason, it drew our attention to that pretty powder blue nail polish Emma was wearing...

Magic Powder

Emma's outfit for PaleyFest was a far cry from that of her character in American Horror Story (a telekenetic witch)! Both Emma and her fellow witchy co-star Sarah Paulson wore floaty, angelic white dresses, with good-girl side parts. And, while Emma's eyes might have been smoky, they were the only dark element of her look.

We especially loved her powder blue nails, which looked grey in some light, white in others. We're seeing more and more celebrities wearing pastel shades on their nails, especially light blue! Why? Because nothing screams SPRING more than a pretty pastel.

While Emma has chosen to coordinate her cute nail color with her dress, you don't have to. Lupita Nyong'o, who's also a big fan of light-colored nails, enjoys contrasting her fingtertips to her outfit. And you should check out Lily Allen's lavender nails, which clashed brilliantly with her yellow hair and black sparkly dress! The days when pastel signalled pre-school are long gone.

Perfect polish

How do you get your polish to cover the nail entirely with smudging? Emma's nails are painted to perfection. How can you make sure that you don't mess it up, especially when you're trying to paint with your non-writing hand? We got a top tip that means you don't even have to worry:

If you do your nails before you take a shower, you'll notice that the heat and water takes off any excess polish from the skin around the fingernails. Just make sure they're completely dry before you jump under the shower...

Feeling blue never looked so good!

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