<span>Actress Zendaya poses for portrait at 4th Annual BeautyCon on July 11, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.</span>

Recreate Zendaya's luminous makeup look from BeautyCon!

by Samantha Hunt -

As one of those up-and-coming stars, bursting from the Disney screen and onto our style and beauty radar, actress, singer and dancer Zendaya is becoming one to watch! The 18-year-old has the glamorous job, the fabulous group of 'it' girl friends - being one of Taylor Swift's high-flying girl squad - and has even already championned her own stunning sense of style! What will she do next?

Zendaya stepped out for the 4th Annual Los Angeles BeautyCon Festival on July 11 in a baby blue crop, skirt and jacket combo, letting her hair down in soft curls and rocking a sweet and shimmering makeup look. Want to follow in the footsteps of this up-and-coming 'it' girl? Here's how to rock her luminous makeup look in just 5 simple steps...

Get the look

Step 1

As always, begin at the base: smooth an illuminating primer over your skin to create an even start from which to build your look. Switch your regular foundation for a lightweight BB cream to give your skin a hydrating helping hand whilst also providing a layer of coverage that will allows the primer to shine though.

Step 2

Smile and add a hint of blush to the apples of your cheeks in small circular strokes.

Step 3

Follow both the upper and lower lashlines right from the tearduct to the outer corners of your eyes with a liquid eyeliner, keeping the line smooth and subtle, before pulling the eyeliner out into a thin point for a gentle cat eye effect.

Step 4

Take a shimmering nude palette and apply a darker, coffee color eyeshadow into the crease line of the eye and gently smudge the color with a precision brush under the lower lashes. Next take a cream shade and dust - with a clean, soft brush - around the inner eye, below the brow and onto the lid, blending the colors for a soft, natural look.

Step 5

Complete the eyes with a couple of coats of volumizing mascara and add the final touch with a matte pink lipstick.

Now that you have the makeup down, why not master Zendaya's angelic curls too?

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