Can you guess which nails belong to which celebrity...?

Red carpet nail art inspiration from Cannes 2013

Along with all the dresses, hair and makeup we love to see on the Cannes red carpet, celebrities never disappoint when it comes to fabulous nails! We've had a look back at our favorite looks from the film festival last year... Can you guess whose hands are whose?!

Glossy dark red

...Cara Delevingne!

A classic when it comes to red carpet nails, this burgundy shade (top right) is an excellent choice for black outfits and silver accessories. Still in this season, the 'vampiric' look (think black, dark red and lace fabics) was at its peak this time last year. Cara knows how to make a trend work for her.

Reverse French manicure

...Dita Von Teese!

There's nothing more sophisticated than a French manicure, but it can get a little - how can we say this - boring? In true Dita style, she takes a fashion classic and makes it her own by reversing the colors (bottom left). By shaping her nails into an oval shape, Dita showed how the French manicure can be reworked.

Orange cocktail

...Nicole Kidman!

Perhaps one of this season's most popular shades, Nicole pre-empted the orange trend with these coral-tangerine nails (top left). They look fantastic against the fresh, fruity colors of her dress, bringing warmth to her skin.

Fuchsia fantasy

...Jane Fonda !

Since 2013, fuchsia has stayed on trend, but has since moved onto the lips! Last year, we loved Jane Fonda's bright purple nails (bottom right), which coordinated with her dress. She is absolute proof that you shouldn't compromise on color as you get older!

Lilac pastel

...Doutzen Kroes !

If you'd prefer to go for a softer, more discreet nail color on the red carpet (or, like us, your imaginary red carpet) then pastels are the way to go. L'Oréal Paris ambassador Doetzen Kroes went for this perfect shade of dusky lilac (center) last year. This year, pastels are bigger than they've ever been.

Get your hands ready for Cannes 2014!

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