Reese Witherspoon at the <span>ELLE Celebrates 20th Annual Women In Hollywood Event. </span>

Reese Witherspoon: hairstyles for heart-shaped faces

Reese Witherspoon is famous for her acting abilities, but she's also instantly recognizable thanks to her heart-shaped face. Her strong face contours are a real asset, but it's actually not an easy shape to manage. The reason we always think that Reese looks beautiful is because she knows what suits her best, the most important factor being her hairstyle.

<3 Love your Face <3

Reese has a heart-shaped face, which means she has a wide forehead, pronounced cheekbones and a narrow chin. Other celebrities with this face shape are Jennifer Love Hewitt and Katie Holmes.

To best complement your natural bone structure, if you've got a heart-shaped face, you should steer clear of cuts that hide your chin, or that are too structured. Choppy layers are also not very flattering on heart-shaped faces. The most flattering looks are mid-length, gently layered bobs and side-swept bangs . Bangs even out the proportions of a heart-shaped face, which can look top-heavy otherwise.

In this photo, we can see that Reese has pulled her hair into a semi-messy updo . The few soft waves that have been left down do a great job of relaxing her jawline and showing off her sexy long neck. Reese's signature honey-blond locks are given more depth with subtle lowlights, which also help to soften the strength of her face shape.

Always be aware of what hairstyles suit your face shape!

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