Which hairstyle do you prefer on Shay Mitchell, poker straight or wavy?<span><br /></span>

Shay Mitchell: do you prefer her straight or wavy?

We're used to seeing Shay Mitchell with wavy hair cascading over one shoulder. But recently Shay has been experimenting with different styles: super straight tresses and curly locks. The big question is, which style do we prefer, or do we just like it au naturel?

Playing it Straight

The ombré effect of Shay's hair can really be seen when she goes straight. Her tresses look in good condition - because she doesn't go poker straight too often - so she must have used some heat-protecting products and a good serum to give her that shine. Here's a theory: perhaps her choice to go straight was because of her outift. Those sharp black shoulders create a powerful shape that would have look strange against loose, beachy waves. Does she look too overstyled in your opinion, or is her look just right for the outfit?

Colorful Curls

These are not the normal waves that we're used to seeing on Shay. Here, it looks like she's used curling tongs and some salt spray to make her curls loose and messy. The ombré effect really highlights her pretty brown eyes and olive skin tone. The overall effect is fun and feminine: do you prefer it to her straight look?

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If you enjoy changing styles with your hair, don't forget to treat it now and again to a hydrating masque to restore the moisture lost during styling (especially if you use heat a lot.) If you're good to your hair, it'll be good to you!

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