Shanae Grimes at the <span>2013 Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Awards</span>

Shenae Grimes: Growing out a fringe with style

Help, Shanae Grimes! Help! We've been meticulously maintaining our bangs all summer long, but now Fall has come around, and we're thinking about changing things a bit, but that means letting our fringes grow out...hideous, right? No?

Wait, Shanae, are you actually saying saying that a long, uneven fringe that gets in your eyes is...on trend? Stop press. We need a closer look (and btw that gold jacket is amazing!)

Relax, it's just a fringe !

Shanae might be growing her fringe out, or she might not be. Either way, her hair here gives us hope that we can have uneven bangs, and still balance an on-trend look. The secret is to keep the whole ensemble - by which we mean makeup, hair and outfit - relaxed. Here's how:

Make up

Look at that beautiful natural, very A/W 2013, makeup look that Shanae has gone for. She's gone for either a light foundation or a BB cream , a puff of peachy-colored blusher , a subtle coat of mascara on both the top and bottom lashes and a thin line of black under her eyes. Nothing more, nothing less!


The rest of Shanae's hair is loose and wavy, not overstyled, but perhaps given a quick spritz of volumizing spray to keep the texture all night long.


As we said before, that gold jacket is amazing, and picks up on a trend that we've noticed more and more on the red carpet: metallics . Paired with a cute sheer shirt , buttoned up all the way to the top, it is a clever way of being subtly sexy.

All in all, Shanae's look is cool, urban and on-trend. So let those bangs grow, who cares! Just relax, and let your look do the talking.

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