Get tousled, side-swept bangs

Side-swept faux bangs: tutorial

Do you want bangs, but don't want to cut your hair? Did you know you can get the effect of a side-swept fringe without touching the scissors? It's a bit of a trick, and can't be used to cover your entire forehead, but it's a good way to see if bangs suit you or not, and also to play with the proportions of your face.

Here's a simple tutorial to help you get the look:


Step one

To get these sexy tousled locks, use a curling mousse before blow drying, then dry with a diffuser, scrunching the hair in your hands. For extra volume, dry your hair upside down!

Step two

Use a tail comb to give yourself a side part, then separate a section of hair at the front. With a wide-tooth comb, brush the front section forward.

Step three

Use a shine-free texturizing paste and rub a small amount in the palm of your hands. Lightly run your hands through your hair to give piecey, almost beach-like waves.

Step four

Taking the section at the front, run more paste down the hair using your palms, then pull the ends round to your right ear and use a bobby pin to secure behind. Don't pull too tight, or you'll lose the curve, and your hair will just look side-swept. The paste will give you the flexibility to shape your faux bangs into the position you like the most.

Step five

A spray of hairspray (watch your eyes) will give you lasting hold, and voilà! You have a 'do that looks like side-swept bangs, but without the commitment!

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