Step-by-step: how to achieve the perfect boxer braids

Step-by-step: how to achieve the perfect boxer braids

by Paige Exell -

Braids are having a major moment in the spotlight for summer 2016. They're functional, out of your way, and keep you from sweating when temperatures rise. And while we love braids of all sorts – French, fishtail, single, you name it – we're loving boxer braids this season. Need a little refresher? Boxer braids consist of two French braids on each side of the back of your head, giving you an edgy, cool-girl appeal.

Boxer braids have been worn on women for many years now, with celebs like Alicia Keys, Tyra Banks, and even Justin Timberlake rocking it back in the early 2000s. And although the trend is nothing new, #BoxerBraids have become a major beauty hashtag in the Instagram world, seen on it girls and celebs like Kylie Jenner (not to mention the rest of the Kardashian clan), Hailey Baldwin, and Selena Gomez who have recently caught on to the look.

So whether you're attending a sophisticated event, keeping it casual over the weekend, or heading to work, boxer braids are easy to achieve and perfect for your summer beauty routine.


Step 1

To begin, brush your hair thoroughly to ensure a smooth braiding process. Next, separate your hair into two parts by parting it down the centre, or on the side – depending on your preference – with a fine tooth comb. Drag the part all the way to the back of your head to your neck with the comb to separate the hair.

Step 2

Spray the sections of your hair with hairspray to keep your hair smooth and fly-away's down. Next, take a small section of hair from the top portion of one side of your head, smooth it out with a brush, and separate it into three sections.

Step 3

Take the section of hair on the left hand side, and place it under the middle section, then cross the right section under the middle section. Repeat this process, grabbing more hair as you go, and crossing it over the middle section of hair. Make sure to pull tight each time you cross sections to ensure a clean braid. Repeat on the other side of your head and secure each braid with an elastic.

Step 4

Spray the front portion of your hair with hairspray, and use bobby pins to secure any loose spots of hair on your head.

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