Street Style nail art tutorial: black dots at Paris Fashion Week

Hang around long enough near any show during Fashion Week and you're sure to find some enviably gorgeous girl rocking some enviably gorgeous street style manicure, especially in Paris. Well, guess what we found...

As you can see, one style savvy individual came up with some nail art that is so cool and so on trend that we just had to come up with a tutorial to copy it with, just in time for the weekend.

You're welcome.

The good news is that tt's a fairly easy look to recreate and it won't even take that long to do!

You will need: 7 in 1 Protect, Colour Riche 000 Parisian Crystal and 702 Black Swan, all by L'Oréal Paris. Some masking tape, tweezers and a dotting tool of some description will also come in handy.

Step one

Start by applying a base coat of 7 in 1 protect and let it dry completely.

Step two

Next, section of the very tip of your nail with masking tape, being careful not to press down too hard.

Step three

Paint the sectioned off tip with 702 Black Swan, then gently peel off the masking tape with a pair of tweezers.

Step four

While the tip dries, dab some more of the black polish onto a bit of scrap paper/makeup remover pad/old magazine and dip your dotting tool into it. Then, in the very centre of your nail, carefully apply a single black dot.

Step five

Once the tip and the dot are dry, complete the look with a glossy top coat of 000 Parisian Crystal.

Once you're finished, you can get practicing your own street style poses in the mirror...

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La manicure sérum miracle 7 en 1
La manicure sérum miracle 7 en 1
Color riche le vernis 702 black swan
Color riche le vernis 702 black swan
Color riche le vernis 000 parisian crystal
Color riche le vernis 000 parisian crystal
La manicure top coat 2 en 1 protect
La manicure top coat 2 en 1 protect
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