Style Inspiration: the best (and most practical) celebrity airport looks

Style Inspiration: the best (and most practical) celebrity airport looks

by Paige Exell -

Unlike us average Joes, it seems that celebrity airport style is more often for the paparazzi than it is for comfort. While most of us wouldn't be caught dead wearing a pair of stilettos to board a plane, for celebs, it's a totally normal way to travel, and as a result, celebrity airport style has become a mainstream source of sartorial inspiration.

That's not to say that practical, comfortable, and stylish celebrity airport outfit inspiration doesn't exist – who said functional fashion wasn't a thing? There are plenty of instances when these stylish women have found perfect outfit formulas that are accessible, easy to copy, and airport appropriate. Exhibit A? L'Oreal muse Karlie Kloss , who stepped off the plane last week in Los Angeles wearing an outfit that re-defines comfortable airport attire.

So, whether you're heading on an end-of-summer trip, or coming back from a four-month vacation, Get The Look has put together four comfortable, yet stylish outfits to inspire your next airport look, inspired by some of our favourite celebs.



Last week, L'Oreal ambassador Karlie Kloss stepped off the plane in Los Angeles wearing an outfit that could pass as a runway look – but that doesn't mean it wasn't comfortable! The blonde beauty wore a pair of white, loose trousers and paired them with an equally loose long-sleeved crop top. Rather than sporting a pair of 6-inch heels, Karlie paired her oversized, flowing pant-and-top duo with a pair of white sneakers, and pulled her hair up into a chic bun to keep things extra cozy. She pulled the look together with a simple swipe of red lipstick and hid any traces of laziness with a pair of chic sunglasses.

So, next time you get ready to head out on a trip, keep things loose for comfort like Karlie, and opt for a simple swipe of red lipstick if you aren't in the mood for putting on a full face of makeup – it will pull your entire look together in just a few seconds!


If you prefer to travel in your favourite pair of denim pants, take a note from L'Oreal ambassador and supermodel Doutzen Kroes , who demonstrated the perfect plane-to-meeting outfit for her airport adventures. The blonde bombshell paired low-rise, medium-wash skinny jeans with a striped button-down, sneakers, and a jacket draped over her shoulders for a sophisticated, yet effortless approach to airport style.

Just throw on your favourite pair of sunnies, let your hair sit tousled on your shoulders and be off!


If you're going for a more professional airport look, get inspired by Eva Longoria's look for her arrival at Cannes 2016. The L'Oreal ambassador looked sunny and fresh in a white sundress that was belted at the waist. She paired it with a blush pink tote purse, nude heels, and aviator's sunglasses, while her hair was pulled back out of her face.

The secret to making dress and heels airport appropriate and comfortable? Opt for a loose, midi sundress that won't rise up and pull it together with a belt at the waist.


If you're the type who would rather wear your comfiest pair of leggings to travel by plane, Bella Hadid is your style inspiration. Make a pair of black, textured leggings edgy by pairing them with cool black sneakers, an oversized bomber jacket, and a leather baseball cap like Bella. Leave your hair tousled and down, and your makeup minimal to give off that effortless, cool-girl vibe.

What's your airport style?

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