<p>Suki Waterhouse on September 16, 2014 in London, England</p>

Suki Waterhouse: copy her easy It girl hairstyle!

On Tuesday, September 16, Suki Waterhouse attended a party in conjunction with London Fashion Week. After walking down the runway, the model hit the red carpet alongside pals Cara Delevingne and Daisy Lowe, looking as glamorous and gorgeous as ever!

Suki paired a flirty pink and white dress with structured brown and black leather jacket for her evening ensemble. She pulled the look together with her signature cat eye beauty look and laid-back tousled hairstyle, adding random mini-braids for the ultimate cool girl look.

Want to copy Suki's easy It girl hairstyle? Here's how...

Suki style

Step one

Starting with damp hair, spritz a wave-creating spray with heat protection to the mid-lengths and ends.

Step two

Blow dry your hair, starting with the bangs first as those dry fastest. Then move on to the rest of the hair, using your hands to scrunch the hair as you go in order to create body.

Step three

Use your hands to smooth back the top section of hair, using your thumbs to separate the hair as your fingers smooth it back. Then, secure the hair in the back with a clip.

Step four

Grab several small sections of hair from the back/bottom section and create a few braids, and then secure the ends with small hair ties.

Step five

Spray the hairstyle all over to fix it in place and you're all set!

Suki paired a flirty white dress with structured brown and black leather jacket, her signature cat eye beauty look, and a laid-back tousled hairstyle with random mini-braids, for the ultimate cool girl look.

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