8 ways to wear skin baring summer trends at the office: strapless

Summer fashion tips: 8 ways to wear skin baring summer trends at the office

by Paige Exell -

Once temperatures rise, hemlines aren't too far behind. After months of hiding behind oversized wool sweaters, scarves, and thick blanket-like coats, warm weather means finally letting your skin out of hibernation for the summer season. And with trends like slip dresses, off-the-shoulder, and crop tops continuing to pop up on runways (not to mention the extremely hot weather), it can be hard to resist the urge to show off a little skin for summer. This may be suitable for picnics, date nights, or strolls around the city, but when it comes to making those skin baring pieces' work at the office, things can get a little tricky.

Get The Look has turned to street style inspiration to help you re-invent risqué summer clothing into office-appropriate ensembles. Keep in mind, this only applies to workplaces that allow you to own your personal style. if you're required to wear a suit, pantyhose, and closed-toe shoes to the office, miniskirts and plunging necklines aren't going to fly no matter how hard you try.


No matter how subtle you play it, completely bare shoulders and arms just aren't appropriate for the average cubicle. But that doesn't mean your favourite strapless dress has to stay in the closet. Try layering a lightweight t-shirt or long-sleeve underneath for coverage and comfort that's appropriate for the office.

When 5 pm hits, you can even remove the under shirt and stash it into your bag for an easy transition from day to night.


As the official shape of the season, off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are everywhere. To make them work without showing off too much skin, choose a structured look with long-sleeves. A tank top underneath will also give you enough coverage without sacrificing style.


A plunging neckline usually means revealed cleavage – which is a major no-no at the office. But thanks to the season's latest in scarf, choker, and handkerchief trends, our deep V's will now see the light of day. An artfully tied scarf or handkerchief takes up some of the empty skin space, while a jacket thrown over the shoulders adds extra coverage and a backup plan to your look. If this is your look of choice, opt for a longer skirt or pants to balance it out.


While long skirts or midi skirts may be office appropriate, when summer comes along, we'd rather swap them for our sultry side-slit skirts that offer a breezy alternative to our full coverage midis. The key to wearing a skirt with slits at the office? Try sitting down first and see how far up your thigh the slit sits. If it's higher than mid-thigh, save it for an evening out. If it's office-appropriate, keep the rest of your outfit covered up to keep the slit the statement.


After seeing the Courtney Love-inspired slip dress at Saint Laurent's spring 2016 show, and Balenciaga's silk boudoir appropriate looks at Wang's last show (even Cher Horowitz's iconic Calvin Klein slip, for that matter), we can't help but cringe at the thought of leaving our gorgeous slip gowns locked up inside our closets during the work day.

Unfortunately, silky, clingy, bedroom slip gowns are generally unacceptable at the office – unless you get creative! Bring the sexy factor down a few notches with a light sweater or T-shirt worn underneath the dress, and pair it with boyish flats and a structured day bag.


Often associated with clubbing and teeny boppers, there's something about an above-the-knee hemline that raises eyebrows in the office. Make your miniskirt appropriate by teaming it with a matching jacket so it resembles a suit. This will instantly transform the short shape into a professional, put-together office look.


With crop tops popping up almost everywhere from season to season, it's clear that this trend shows no signs of slowing down, meaning we have all the more reason to turn it into an office appropriate staple. Unfortunately, no matter how toned your abs, it's likely that your boss does not want sightings of them in the office.

The key to making your fave crop top work at well, work? Make sure that your skirt or pants touch the hem of the crop top. For an even more professional approach, opt for high-waisted wide-leg pants or a pencil skirt.


Re-creating Beyonce's sheer gowns may seem like a good idea (especially when temperatures soar), but not when it comes to a corporate setting. When turning a sheer look into an office one, the most important thing to consider is under garments – no one wants to see them! Make sure that a slip, bodysuit or shorts is giving you full coverage. Better yet, keep shapes loose, and wear flats to counteract the sexy fabric.


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