Isabel Fontana and Grazi Massafera

Summer hairstyle trends: inspiration from Cannes 2014

With summer drawing nearer, it's time to start thinking about how we're going to style our hair! To inspire you, we've selected our top summer hairstyles from the Cannes Film Festival 2014. Long or short, up or down, there's an option for everyone...

Sunkissed ombré waves

Brazilians know how to work sexy, summer hair! And there's nothing that says "sunshine" more than sunkissed ombré hair set in beautiful waves, right? Isabeli Fontana and Grazi Massafera turned up the temperature at Cannes with almost identical hairstyles. Isabel went for a darker contrast, whereas Grazi was more subtle. You've got options!

Messy Fishtail

Want to keep you hair out of your face during the sunny months? Don't go for a boring bun or a predictable ponytail: try a messy side fishtail like Eva Longoria did at Cannes! It's actually pretty easy to do, once you've practiced a few times. Plus, it doesn't matter if it looks messy... because that's the point!

Long Bob

If you've got shorter hair (or are planning to have this summer) why not try a long wavy bob, as seen on the gorgeous Karlie Kloss. It's natural, easy to do, and is also the perfect way to grow out a shorter hairstyle without compromising on style.

Beachy Blonde Waves

This is Blake Lively's signature hairstyle. Blonde is a great color for the summer, but if if you are planning on going lighter, make sure to use products that protect your hair - as blonde hair color can dry out your follicles. For the beach wave effect, salt spray is your new best friend.

Fiery red locks

Blonde isn't your only summer haircolor option! Think like Barbara Palvin did, and go for a vibrant red shade, whose auburn hues will look fantastic under the sun's rays. And because it's such a striking color, you can relax a bit more when it comes to styling: the color speaks for itself.

Summer, we're ready for you now!

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