Taylor Schilling at the "Orange Is The New Black" - Los Angeles Screening

Taylor Schilling's dark smoky purple makeup

The other day we saw 'Orange is the New Black' actress Taylor Schilling wearing some striking bright blue eyeliner, and it certainly looks like she's embracing the colored eye makeup trend, because on August 4 she chose a rich purple shade to go with her dress!

Purple isn't the easiest color to wear as eye makeup, so we thought we'd do a tutorial of Taylor's successful look:

Purple is the new black!

Step one

Start by applying a BB cream, followed by a liquid foundation if you need heavier coverage. A cream-based highlighter will give you the same dewy glow as Taylor.

Step two

Using a kohl eyebrow pencil two shades darker than your natural color, trace lightly over the brow, then blend the color using a brow brush.

Step three

Now for the purple! Take a mauve eye pencil and draw yourself a cat eye/ cat flick. Don't worry if it smudges slightly, this creates the smoky look you're after.

Step four

Take a purple eyeshadow, lighter than the eye pencil, and use a brush to apply a small amount of the color along the line of the cat eye, and slightly above. Blend upwards to the eyelid crease.

Step five

Use a lash defining mascara and apply a single coat on the lower lashes, and two coats on the upper lashes.

Step six

Finish the look with a natural lip gloss to contrast with the matte smoky eye look.

We're loving Taylor's colorful eye makeup, and can't wait to see what she tries next! Could it be... Orange?

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