Taylor Swift has decided on an update to her look by way of a haircut

Taylor Swift's new haircut: a boho bob!

A haircut is the quickest and one of the most effective ways to give your entire look an update, and Taylor Swift is proof of this. For quite a while now she's been sporting her signature bangs and long wavy ash blonde locks, which were, we'll admit, perfect for maximum effect when head-banging at a piano...

But all good things must come to an end, and such was the story of Taylor's long hair. It seems she's decided to follow in the celebrity bob trend, by chopping off what looks like at least five inches. Now, based on the photos we've been able to get hold of, she has a brand new wavy bob with sweeping side fringe. Bangs are non-negociable for Taylor we're guessing.

What do you think?

Hair flippin' long

We're not going to lie, we are concerned that this new 'do might signal the end of Taylor's famous hair flipping that we saw at the Grammy Awards. Plus, she did look super pretty with a long low ponytail and her bangs swept over to one side. Short hair gives you fewer options, and is normally a summer cut, when the weather's warmer.

Short and sweet

But we have to admit that Taylor does look cute with this new 'do. It shows off her long neck (everything about Taylor is long - apart from her hair) and cheekbones. As we said before, she hasn't ditched the bangs, but rather curled and swept them into a retro wave. Her hair looks healthy and full of bounce: perhaps Taylor felt that her locks were tired from all the styling, and needed a good cut. She's such a practical gal.

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