Taylor swift was working the metallic trend throughout her look at the 214 Grammy Awards

Taylor Swift's silver makeup look at the Grammys

Taylor Swift 's choice of makeup for the Grammy Awards is proving to be somewhat of a controversy. It seems that there are some people who absolutely loved her look, while others weren't impressed. Thankfully, we're in the first group! And, to show just how much Taylor's eye makeup has impressed us, we've put together a tutorial so that we can recreate her look at home.

"Eyes Open"

Step one: Get Taylor's striking metallic eye makeup by starting with a liquid navy blue eye liner along the outer half of the eyelid, finishing in a flick.

Step two: Take a dark blue-grey eyeshadow powder and apply lightly to the eyelid, but not the entire brow bone, as well as under the lower lashes.

Step three: Use a shimmery silver powder and apply generously on the inner corners of the eye. This technique is used by celebrities everywhere to make their eyes appear bigger, and bring sparkle to their look.

Step four: Use a lash-defining mascara on the bottom lashes, and a volumizing mascara on the top ones. Applying the mascara right from the root of the lash is the best way to get maximum volume.

As any makeup artist will tell you, if you're going for a dramatic eye makeup look, you don't want to overcomplicate your face by using a lot of blusher or bronzer, which will just age you. Keep the foundation completely natural, and let the focus stay on the eyes. To get Taylor's lips, go for a candy pink lipstick followed by a lipgloss with a very subtle shimmer.

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