<p>Musicians Tegan and Sara attend the 2013 Billboard Annual Woman in Music Event in New York City. </p>

Tegan and Sara inspiration: two ways to style short hair

Tegan and Sara made an appearance at the 2013 Billboard Annual Women in Music Event in New York City on December 10, 2013.

We don't remember the last time either of these ladies rocked long hair, but that's not a complaint- short hair really suits the two songbirds! There have been phases when they've sported the same exact haircut, making it really hard to tell them apart, but lately Tegan and Sara have had two different haircuts. Double the inspiration!


Looks like Tegan has been taking cues from Mary J. Blige ! She has been rocking a super chic asymmetrical crop cut. To get this look, ask your stylist for an asymmetrical crop cut with the longest section of hair reaching just below the ear.

Tegan keeps her hair styled, but not too structured, so skip the gel when styling a look like this. Instead, use a curl-creating mousse before your hair dries and then a touch of wax to give the front section a tousled look and calm any flyaways on the other side. Perfect!


Sara has gone for a slightly more modern, androgynous look with a super sleek crop cut and long bangs. For this look, you'll want to gradually taper the hair around the sides so that it's longer on top and shorter at the ends. Make sure your stylist parts your hair on the side so you can keep enough length for long side-swept bangs .

To style this look, simply use a smoothing serum and heat protectant on wet hair. Once the hair is dry, use a flat iron (if you have to) to get your hair as straight as possible.

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