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The 5 most outrageous Instagram beauty trends of 2016

by Paige Exell -

2016 was basically the year of Instagram beauty trends. From crystal lips to succulent nails to hair stencils and face art, this was the year to unleash your inner freak with the help of makeup (and sometimes even real paint). While some weren't exactly our cup of tea (see: gluing dead scorpions onto acrylic nails), we couldn't stop scrolling through our feeds and double-tapping until the sun came up.

Not sure which ones to try before the year comes to an end? Read on for a look at the 5 biggest, boldest and most WTF-worthy beauty trends of 2016.



Need #Halloween inspo? Apparently, #KNIFELINER is a thing. Repost: @nasiabelli

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When October rolled around, we expected Instagram beauty trends to be brought to a whole new level – and we were right. One of this year's ultimate Halloween Instagram makeup trends involved drawing a knife into your eyeliner application – otherwise known as, knifeliner. The look consisted of a sparkly silver knife painted along the upper lash line with the base of the blade extending out like a cat-eye wing. To make it even more sinister, the under eyes were spangled with blood droplets to look like tears. How does that compete with your classic feline flick?


Just when you thought there were no more facial features – or body parts – to contour, Instagram introduced: Nail contouring. Yes, nail contouring. Fashionistas began showing off manicures on Instagram that consisted of one thin strip of nail polish down the centre of the nail. The reason for this? It's supposed to make your fingers and nail beds look longer and thinner! Hence the name, nail contouring.


Pixel hair, the Instagram trend that will unleash your inner geek, actually arose by mistake. The look consists of small squares and filaments of one colour bunched up together on top of another base colour, creating a blurred, pixelated look on your hair that makes for one robotic style! Bored with your current look? Give this one a try for 2017.


The second craziest (and most gorgeous) nail polish trend on Instagram this year? Holographic nails. This trend arose after Gigi Hadid was spotted wearing the look to the 2016 Met Gala. Holographic nails can be worn in an assortment of different metallic shades and give off the appearance of being three-dimensional when the colour hits the light.


Korean artist Dain Yoon used Instagram to show off her ability to paint mind-bending, reality-defying scenes on her face (and other areas of her body) to evoke the work of surrealist painters. She used makeup to play the part of Iguana, painting her face to match and blend in with her surroundings. One minute she has her heads in the clouds (literally), the next she is just part of simple, everyday objects including clocks, walls or even tea cups. If that isn't a wild Instagram beauty trend, then we don't know what is!

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