The Brush Contest: 5 golden rules with Eva Longoria

by Hannah Ikin -

Here at Get The Look, we'll keep you posted on the process of The Brush Contest , the large scale international makeup competition from L'Oréal Paris. Thinking of entering and looking for some guidance? Spokesperson Eva Longoria reveals her insider tips for giving yourself the best chance of winning the competition's top prize: a place in the L'Oréal Paris Makeup Designer team. Take note!

Rule n°1 : Don't be shy, reveal yourself!

"Show me you have as much color in your personality as in the look you create"

This competition provides you with the ideal possibility to show the true extent of your talent. So don't be shy- shine more than ever for the contest!

Rule n°2 : Go for the total look

"Don't be timid, show me your creativity"

The rules of good makeup are too numerous to mention, but this time what the judges are really looking for is daring creativity. Think bold lips paired with cat eye makeup, all in pop colors: it's now or never!

Rule n°3 : Be fast!

"Make your video three minutes or less. Our models never have a lot of time... or patience!"

Speed is important in this business - and makeup artists are under constant pressure to work quickly. Three minutes is the maximum length that your video should be so make it consise and to the point!

Rule n°4 : Be creative

"Don't look back, let yourself go. Be creative! Dare to show me the most outrageous look you've ever done"

Conventional daytime makeup looks have no place here so forget barely there and dare to create something original!

Rule n°5 : Follow the color clash theme!

"Don't be boring... be daring! Use lots of colors. Mix it, match it, clash it! Follow the color clash theme!"

Eva doesn't want to be bored so dare to color your video with plenty of bold and clashing shades. Embrace the "Color Clash" theme to really let your talent and personality shine through!

So, with Eva's wise words in mind, head over to the official L'Oréal Paris Canada page for more information.

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