The bun hairstyle, as seen above at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Moscow on April 2nd 2013, is one of the most versatile hairstyles EVER.

The bun hairstyle: wear it anytime, anywhere

by Kathy Saunders -

The bun hairstyle is perhaps one of the most versatile hairstyles ever. Just like the ponytail – both the high and low varieties – and the side braid, it can be worn with just about anything. It's a very practical hairstyle because it keeps your hair firmly under control, it keeps you cool and it also shows off whatever gorgeous makeup you've decided to wear with it. Add to that the fact this look is ideal for hiding the fact you haven't had time to wash your hair or, worse than that, you're just having a bad hair day.

All of the above is enough to make the bun hairstyle an indispensable 'do for absolutely anyone with hair long enough to recreate it.

One basic idea, many different styles

As well as being so very useful, the bun hairstyle also comes in a whole host of shapes and sizes.

The braided bun: this look adds texture to your look. Simply gather your hair into a ponytail and braid the pony before wrapping it around into a bun!

The messy bun: this is perfect for the girl, or guy, on the go. It's all about the speed and just not caring about how wonky the "knot" is once you've tied it in place, usually with a hairband or some bobby pins. It also goes by the name of The Pineapple.

The BIG bun: I think you can guess where this is going. Obviously, this is just an XXL version of a regular bun- the supersize look, if you will. It makes a big statement and it sure to get you noticed. As you would when doing a regular bun, tie your hair into a high ponytail but then pass it through the middle of a hair donut, and then use your hair to cover it up, securing with bobby pins as you go.

So, weather you go for a smooth, classic bun hairstyle or more of a statement look, the bun is one style you simply have to try!

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