The cat eye flick just got even more dramatic!

The cat eye flick just got even more dramatic!

If you're already a fan of the classic cat eye but like to keep your beauty routine fresh and interesting, look no further than this graphic version of the cat eye, as seen on the Jean-Pierre Braganza AW14/15 runways during London Fashion Week.

Beauty breakdown

With graphic eye makeup (and especially variations of the cat eye) being a huge beauty trend over the last few seasons, this particular look isn't just high-impact, it's high-style as well! The technique involves three sweeps of strategically placed eyeliner to create dramatic eye makeup worthy of Cleopatra herself!

When paired with an otherwise simple beauty look (think BB cream, concealer, and a touch of tinted lip balm), this technique makes your eyes the focus of your look- so, if they're one of your favorite features, this is a great way to show them off!

Get the Look

Step one: Start by creating a base for your makeup look. If needed, apply concealer to mask dark circles, and then use a nude eyeshadow primer on both of your eyelids and beneath your eyes.

Step two: Using a gel, pencil, or liquid eyeliner (whichever you're most comfortable with), create a classic cat eye flick on your top lash lines. Then, create another flick along the bottom lashlines. Lastly, create a third line beneath your eyes that starts roughly 1mm away from the inner corners and ends at the outer corners of your eyes.

Top tip: Feel free to opt for a colored eyeliner instead of black. Bright eyeliner is on-trend at the moment and certain hues can really make your eye color pop!

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