<p>Emmy Rossum's quirky eye nail art on April 15, 2014</p>

The eye of the beholder: a quirky nail art tutorial

We at Get the Look are big fans of quirky prints and unique nail art, so when we saw that Emmy Rossum (of Shameless) had combined the two, we may or may not have let out a little squeal of delight! From afar, Emmy's nails look like a classic half-moon manicure, but once you get up close it's totally magic- she's got an eye motif on her nails!

Want to get the look? It's simpler than you think! Emmy 's nail art requires just a few special tools and a steady hand, so if you can make a few tiny dots and have the patience to wait for all of the layers to dry, there's no reason not to give it a go!

What you'll need:

Nail polish (white, nude, black, blue)

Circlular shaped stickers

A dotting tool, toothpick, or very fine paint brush

Eyes on the prize

Step one: Start by creating a half-moon manicure. Give your nails a white base coat and wait for it to dry. Once the white is completely dry, apply a circular shaped sticker at the base of your nail to create an eye shape. Now, paint over the entire nail with your nude nail polish.

Step two: Once the nude polish is dry, carefully remove the sticker.

Step three: Use your nail polish brush to create a blue dot in the center of the eye shape and wait for it to dry.

Step four: Now, take a dotting tool and make a black circle in the center of the blue. They don't have to be exact on each nail, but uniform.

Step five: Finally, use another dotting tool and create an even smaller white dot in between the black dot and the blue (like a sparkle in someone's eye).

Step six: Now, protect your awesome nail art with a strong top coat to make it last.

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