<p>The latest Instagram obsession? Korean makeup artists' mind-blowing creations</p>

The latest Instagram obsession? Korean makeup artists' mind-blowing creations

by Paige Exell -

From Instagram's #HairStencil trend to makeup artist Lexie Lazar's ability to transform her face into famous paintings, lately, we've seen a host of makeup artists and beauty Vloggers get insanely creative with their beauty routines. The latest Instagram sensation? 22-year-old South Korean artist Dain Yoon who paints mind-bending, reality-defying scenes on her face (and other areas of her body) to evoke the work of surrealist painters.

Yoon identifies as an illusion artist (as you will soon see), and for as long as she can remember, has enjoyed drawing, painting and people. To combine her trio of interests, Dain started using her own face and body as a canvas. Her work represents the idea that you cannot judge a book by its cover, the same way that what you may see on the surface, doesn't cover every perspective.

It was this realization that sparked her desire to express the multi-dimensioned perspectives that humans possess, and led her to create her signature overlapping, image-within-an-image works of art. Looking at Yoon's art allows you to discover different perspectives and realize that there is more to life than what first meets the eye.

Her inspirations come from both cinema, as well as her daily life, creating a trippy perspective on both. In many of her photos, she uses the power of makeup on both her face and her hands and combines the two to create a mind-blowing illusion.

In other cases, Yoon uses makeup to play the part of Iguana, painting her face to match and blend in with her surroundings. One minute, she has her head in the clouds (literally), and another she is a part of simple everyday objects including clocks, walls, and tea cups.

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Yoon is also talented in translating a work of art from a painting, or a simple portrait on the wall, to her own face, making even our most complicated contouring technique seem like child's play in comparison.

While we may not all be as talented in the makeup department as Yoon, her artwork shows us that makeup not only has the power to enhance our natural beauty, but to send a powerful and meaningful message out into the world, as well.

Which artwork do you prefer?

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