Is she wearing mascara or not?

The "no mascara" mascara look: long lashes minus the makeup

With all these barely-there beauty looks all over the catwalk this season, we thought it might be useful to know how models sometimes look like they have lashes that go on for miles, without a sweep of mascara in sight!

Long lashes minus the mascara

Tip 1.

Keeping your lashes moisturized is a way of encouraging them to grow. Vitamin E, coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil are all popular for their moisturizing qualities. Apply at night, and you'll wake up with super soft, healthy lashes that look thicker. Check against any allergies first, of course, and don't get any in your eyes.

Tip 2.

Another way of making your lashes look naturally thicker is to apply Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline being the most known brand). Our favorite way to wear it is to splash our face with water after application, which encourages the lashes to stick together just a bit, making them look thicker and darker.

Tip 3.

Eyeliner can be your BFF, even if mascara can't. A thin line of liquid black liner along the upper lash line will make your eye look wider, and a line of kohl under your lower lashes will make them stand out more.

Tip 4.

Get out your tool kit, because you don't need to add any product to your lashes to make them look longer. Eyelash curlers only need to be used for less than 30 seconds, and your lashes will look instantly longer. Likewise, a lash brush will give you natural definition and thicker-looking lashes.

Cheaters tip

Want to look like you're not wearing mascara...when you actually are? In other words, you want the effect, but don't want the product to show. Try applying one coat of brown mascara after combing through with your lash comb.

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