<span>Hilary Rhoda attends the Tiffany &amp; Co. 2014 Blue Book Celebration, April 10, 2014</span>

The super subtle smoky eye: Hilary Rhoda inspiration

The smoky eye makeup look doesn't have to be ultra-dramatic. The model Hilary Rhoda shows us how the smoky eye can actually be delicate and subtle. We've put together a makeup tutorial to show you how to do your own!

You'll need:

Eye primer

Base color (that matches your skin tone)

Dark grey eyeshadow

Silver/light grey powder


Eyebrow pencil

Get the Look

Step one:

Start by applying an eye makeup primer to your eyelids. Why? Because this will keep your makeup on all day and night, and also prevents creasing. Follow by covering your eyelids in the base coat, which will make blending easier, and your skin color more uniform.

Step two:

Using a small eyeshadow blending brush, apply a very small amount of the dark grey color in the center of your eyelid, then blend carefully outwards towards the brow bone.

Step three:

Take a thin-tipped eyeshadow brush and dip it in the silver/light grey powder. Apply a small amount just above the center of your upper lashes, and blend towards the inner corner of the eye. This makes your eyes look wider.

Step four:

Take your mascara and apply a single coat on the upper lashes. Only apply on the outer lower lashes very lightly.

Step five:

To draw attention to your beautiful subtle smoky eye, use an eyebrow pencil (maximum two shades darker than your natural eyebrows) and shade over your existing brows to bring definition.

What about the rest of your makeup?

Complexion - go for a natural-looking BB cream or foundation, with a sweep of bronzer across your forehead, and blush on your cheekbones.

Lip - a pretty pink lipstick finished with a shimmery gloss will be enough to complete your look.

And voilà, a beautiful but subtle smoky eye makeup look: perfect for any occasion!

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