<span>Serah Alabi matched white nail polish to her bag and shorts from Zare as she attends the Mercedes-Benz Fashion week spring and summer 2014 at the Brandenburg Gate on 2 July 2013 in Berlin, Germany.</span>

The white manicure glows as the 2013 summer nail polish trend

White has been a summer colour for a long time. This year, the white dresses and cream-coloured suits have been joined by another trend-- white nail polish!

Why do we wear white in summer?

Traditionally, colours were chosen for their practicality as well as their beauty. Black and other dark colours absorb heat while light and other colours reflect heat. Thus, white started to be thought of as a summer colour!

So, as far as white nails are concerned, we're guessing that this has a bit more to do with fashionistas wanting to match their summer white clothes instead of the propers of heat reflection (unless you are a longtime sufferer of hot and sweaty finger tips and, even then, we aren't entirely sure how much white nail polish would help.

One recent wearer of white nail polish was Serah Alabi, who we spotted at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion week spring and summer 2014 in Germany. Serah matched white nail polish to her bag, watch strap and shorts for a coordinated and very summery look! We love the look and find it fetching against her rich skin tone. That's another thing to note-- most of us get a bit darker in the summer and white shows off our tan!

Moreover, white is like black nail polish: it goes with everything (same goes for nude manicures). Some people wear neon shades on their nails in the summer, but bright orange can be a bit harder to match.

There you have it... a BUNCH of reasons to try some white nail polish this season. The last one being... you'll be bang on trend if you do!

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