Sarah Gadon is a regular at the Toronto festival

TIFF 2014: who we hope to see there!

We're officially less than one month away from the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), which will run from September 4-14! During TIFF's 10-day run, a carefully curated selection of films are presented to critics and cinephiles alike.

As might be expected for North America's largest film festival, a host of internationally renowned stars are expected to take over the red carpets of Toronto... but who are they? In preparation of this glamorous event, our editor's have compiled a small list of the celebs they most hope to spot at 2014's TIFF!

Here they are...

Maps to the Stars cast

After making waves at Cannes 2014, Canadian director David Cronenberg is now set to present his film Maps to the Stars at TIFF. With actors Julianne Moore , Robert Pattinson, and Sarah Gadon among the main cast, we would love to see this crowd at the Toronto festival.

Chloe Grace Moretz

In The Equalizer Chloe Grace Moretz stars opposite Denzel Washington, who plays an ex-CIA agent employed to protect a young woman (Moretz) from the Russian mob. As huge fans of Chloe and her red carpet style, we really hope to see her present her latest film at this year's festival!

Jane Fonda

We loved Jonathan Tropper's novel This is Where I Leave You so we've got pretty high expectations for the screen adaptation, which will premiere at TIFF. And with a star-studded cast (Tina Fey, Adam Driver, Jason Bateman) headed by the incredible Jane Fonda, it seems almost impossible the film won't live up to our expectations!

Who do you hope to see on this year's red carpet?

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