Feather for Alexander McQueen

Trend forecast: it's a print frenzy out there!

It's 2014, and like every new year, it brings new cutting edge styles and tantalizing prints ! Get going on your runway recon and use the New Year as the perfect opportunity to transform your style. So what are we seeing out there in 2014?

Fancy feathers

Trust Alexander McQueen: feathers are chic, elegant and trendy. Wear a classy feathery ensemble to exude luxury, or give your work outfit some edge with feathery extensions. Feathers have the benefit of being cool and edgy in their tribal essence, but also exotic and graceful. However you choose to incorporate feathers (a feather print, feathery-textured materials), feathers are the way to go this year.

Be Bold

Are you an understated girl? Try something new this year, and honor your creative side. Scoping out new bold and artistic prints will dispel any doubt about being bold. Artistic prints are striking and can be very flattering in a variety of style circumstances. To wear your artsy print with confidence, be sure to choose a bold print that you are personally drawn to you. Wearing bold prints will mean making them your own.

Badges and logos

Badges and logos are the ultimate cool. There are some cutting edge prints out there that show us how to push the style envelope. Wear a print to work with understated pants and shoes, or rock a party while decked in the latest logos in combination with cleverly eccentric patterns. Mixing in logos and badges with a preppy-based look, or pairing with plaid is a fail-proof fashion plan.

Quirky prints

Bring out your inner Zooey Deschanel with quirky prints . Brighten up any room with unique vintage or one-of-a-kind prints. You'll be the belle of the ball in ironic iconography. Be you, be wild, and be creative. In choosing a quirky print you'll be crushing convention, and be sure to smile to yourself all night knowing you're blazing trails in 2014.


Floral is classic and timeless, who can resist? There is an array of floral prints for the choosing, and there's not a soul out there who can't find their own unique floral print. These can also be subtle or bold, colorful or subdued. Choose a good floral pattern and you can't go wrong.

2014 is set to another exciting print year, so enjoy!

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