Trend to Try: Coloured Eyeliner

Trend to Try: Colored Eyeliner

by Alice McGenniss-Destro -

Punctuate your weekend attire with a wash of colored eyeliner. The runway-ready look making waves at the moment is also the perfect way to show off your graphic winged eye skills. Let's take a closer look...

Color of the Moment

While there's an array of hues out there, at the moment we're taking our colored eye cues from the models at Marc Jacobs' runway earlier in the year. The look consisted of creamy cobalt eyeliner across the waterline and pulled back into a graphic cat-eye at the outer corner. Blue eyeliner is also the perfect shade for brightening tired eyes.

Get The Look

Step 1

Prep the area with eye primer- this will ensure your makeup lasts well into the evening.

Step 2

Use the crayon to color the base of your eyelid.

Step 3

Once you're happy with the wash across your lids, take the tip of the crayon and draw the outline of your graphic flick. Color the 'flick' and direct it up towards the end of your eyebrow.

Step 4

Accentuate the inner corner of your eye with the blue crayon to really make your eyes pop!

Step 5

Balance your bold eyes with two coats of jet-black mascara, zig-zagging the wand from left to right to build volume, texture and curl.

The Finishing Touches

Enhance those peepers with swipe of highlighter underneath your eyes- this will banish black circles or fine lines. Bold brows will also offset your new vibrant beauty look. Simply brush your eyebrows up (in the direction of their growth), and then fill in any gaps with a dark brow pencil.

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