Blue eyeshadow is this season's must-try

True-blue: eyeshadow makeup trend

Fashion Week is when we turn our beauty trend radars on. And this year, they were all buzzing for blue, blue eyeshadow in particular. From Paris to London, designers used shocking blue eye makeup to give their looks a modern yet feminine touch. So, will you be joining these blue-eyed beauties? Let's take a look...

What shade?

From electric blue to bright turquoise and soft pastel, you'll be spoilt for choice. You could even go for a smoky blue look, using different shades for a pretty yet subtle effect. As far as texture is concerned, go for a shimmery or sparkly eyeshadow for maximum effect. Alternatively, you could go for a super-pigmented matte shade for an extra intense injection of color!

How to wear blue eyeshadow

The bravest among you should apply the eyeshadow all over your eyelid, or work the blue into a graphic cat eye. You could also use blue instead of your regular eye liner, either above or under your eye depending on what suits you most. Of course, there's always the blue mascara option if you're nervous about being too bold, or looking for a way of integrating blue into your makeup look for work.

Does it matter what color my eyes are?

Not at all! If you were worried that green eyes, for example, would look strange with blue eyeshadow, look at these photos above: all green-eyed gals! If you have naturally blue eyes, however, too much blue eyeshadow can be overwhelming. Instead, use a blue liner to make your peepers pop. Skin-tone and hair-color-wise, as a general rule blue looks better on women with fair skin and black or platinum hair color, and also looks great on women with dark skin.

Ready to add blue to your beauty bag?

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