Copy Julianne Moore with some subtle eye make-up, thanks to our handy tutorial, inspired by her appearance at the "What Maisie Knew" premiere in New York on 2 May 2013.

Tutorial: How to copy Julianne Moore's subtle eye make-up

by Kathy Saunders -

L'Oréal Paris ambassador Julianne Moore is known for her subtle beauty looks and one thing she's particularly good at is eye make-up. In a world of smoky eyes and intense graphic eye make-up, Julianne and her low-key style always stand out on the red carpet.

If you, too, like the sound of an elegant, understated look, we have the perfect Julianne Moore inspired tutorial for you...

Step one

Begin by applying a primer to your eyelids and underneath your eyes. This will help to keep your eye make-up in place for longer.

Step two

Sweep a subtle line of light grey eyeshadow along your upper lashlines. Make this line as thin as you can, it should only be a little wider than the eyeliner you'll apply next.
Top tip: keep a cotton bud dipped in make-up remover to hand so you can correct any mistakes you might make.

Step three

Staring between the middle and inner corner of your eye, use a black kohl pencil to trace along your upper lashlines. If you start right in the corner, you could end up with a look that is more intense than you intended so, like Julianne, start the kohl line 1/3 of the way along.

Step four

Apply a very small amount of brown kohl along your lower lashlines. Start at the outer corner of your eyes and very lightly draw a fine line towards the middle of your lower lashes. Smudge gently with the built in smudger to soften the look. Subtlety is key, you don't want to end up looking like a panda!

Step five

Finally, apply two coats of black mascara and you're done! You are now the proud owner of some A-list make-up that can be worn anywhere and with anything.


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