How to get a sunkissed glow for summer!

Tutorial: I want... a bronzed glow

There's nothing more gorgeous than glowing, bronzed skin. Whether you want to get the beach babe look for summer or to simply warm up dull winter skin, there's a way to bring the sunkissed look to your beauty routine year round. How? Bronzer! Here are a few ways to get the bronzed goddess look without going on vacation...

Bronzing powder

To warm up your skin and add a natural tan, it's best to apply a bronzing powder no deeper than two shades from your natural skin tone. This will add color and dimension without creating an unnatural contrast between your face and your body. Opt for a bronzing powder, with a fine texture, that can create the look of tinted skin without overdoing it.

How to apply: Swirl a large bronzing brush into your product and then tap it to remove extra pigment. Then, apply the product on the high points of your face where the sun would natural hit- such as the top of your forehead, the bridge of your nose, and the tops of your cheekbones.

Self-tanning cream

Self-tanner may have developed a bad reputation from those who used it a bit overzealously, but when applied with a careful hand, it can be used to achieve the most natural sunkissed glow. The end result is a look free from obvious traces that's gorgeous and discreet.

How to apply: Be sure to only apply a small amount of product, and distribute it evenly on your entire face and body. Or, opt for a misting spray that will spritz evenly on your face.

There you have it- the look of a true California girl!

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