The apple of my eye: Gorgeous two-tone doe eyes!

Two-tone doe eye makeup tutorial!

by Sarah-Jeanne Lapointe -

If you thought that you'd already had your dose of beauty inspiration from Paris Fashion Week F/W 2014, you'd be wrong. Why? Because some of the most influential fashion designers from Eastern Europe are currently in Turkey (Istanbul) to show their new collections.

Day one of Fashion Week was full of XXL cat eyes (especially on the Atil Kutoglu runway) and this set the scene for the many on-trend makeup looks that would later walk down the catwalk. But it was probably the glamorous two-tone doe eye on the Raisa-Vanessa Sason models that really left us speechless. Here's how to get the look yourself!

Doe eyed beauty color duo

Step one

Your face needs to be completely flawless, so you should even it out with a BB or CC cream (depending on your skin's needs) and then cover up any under-eye circles with a light-reflecting concealer.

Step two

Cover your eyelids in a neutral shade of eyeshadow. We recommend beige, as it makes a perfect base color.

Step three

Using a soft black kohl pencil, trace a line along the edges of your upper lashes, starting halfway along the lid. Smudge the kohl with an eyeshadow brush as you move outwards.

Then, trace the outline of your doe eye using your pencil by following the curve of the eyelid back round and over the eye. Tip: Imagine you are simply drawing the contours of your doe eye, like this graphic look.

Step four

Using an eyeshadow brush of roughly 5mm thick, apply black powder to the outer corner of your eyelid, filling in the area you've outlined with the kohl. Apply a small amount of black to the outer lid, but leave the central and inner parts free. Smudge the black line that follows the curve of your eyelid.

Step five

Choose a gold eyeshadow, and apply it in the inner corners of the eye, blending outwards towards the black. The two can overlap slightly, but do not try to blend or you'll end up with an ugly color mix! Finish with two coats of lash defining mascara.

And you're done. No more regular, boring doe eyes for you!

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