Sophie Desmarais' Hepburn-inspired bangs

VFCC winner Sophie Desmarais' Hepburn-inspired bangs

A big congratulations goes out to Sophie Desmarais, who took home an award on January 7 for Best Actress in a Canadian Film at the Vancouver Film Critics Circle Awards. The Sarah Prefers to Run star not only boasts some serious acting chops, she's been sporting an Audrey Hepburn-inspired fringe most would envy.

These short, choppy bangs are most often associated with the actress who made them an iconic style (Hepburn) but more recently Penelope Cruz and Lizzy Caplan have tried them on for size as well.

Thinking of cutting in a fringe? Are you currently sporting a long fringe and considering going shorter? Here are our top tips for achieving this style!

Funny Face

Unfortunately, certain styles of bangs aren't suitable for every face shape. This look will best suit those with a round (Elizabeth Olsen), rounded heart (Selena Gomez), or oval (Megan Fox) face shape. If you have one of these face shapes, you're in luck! Get yourself to a hairdresser armed with a photo and ask for choppy, sideswept bangs.

My Fair Lady

Once you've got your bangs cut in, you need to know how to style them! This look requires your bangs to be pretty straight and smooth, so start by applying a smoothing serum to wet hair. Even if you let the rest of your hair dry naturally, you should blowdry your bangs so that you can get more control over them.

Use the blowdryer and dry your fringe going in the opposite direction of how you want to style it (this offers some little lift and texture). Then, use your fingers to move it in the direction you do want it styled in and continue to dry. If you have naturally curly or frizzy hair, use a flat iron to smooth your hair out.

Finally, add a very small amount of dishevelling putty to your fingertips and then use them to slightly muss up your bangs. All set!

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