Video tutorial: how to apply Voluminous Butterfly mascara

Check out this video with Eddie Malter for tips on how to use the Voluminous Butterfly mascara from L'Oréal Paris.

What makes this mascara special?

Look at the wand shape. It has smaller bristles toward the end of the brush. This is so that, if you imagine holding the wand in your right hand, and lifting it to your right eye, the longer bristles line up with the outer eye lashes.

The fact that the small bristles are exactly the length of your inner lashes helps against getting mascara on your eyelid/nose, and having to use a cotton bud to wipe it off, simultaneously removing that eyeshadow or liner you just spent 20 minutes applying!

You have two ways of applying this mascara , depending on the look you're after:

1. If you prefer subtle eye makeup, the special shape of the Voluminous Butterfly mascara means that you can easily apply one coat in a single sweep, covering every lash all the way up. Done and done!

2. If you like thick, standout lashes, then the Voluminous Butterfly mascara can give you that! Use the longer bristles to start right at the roots, and apply two or three light coats, in order to build up that volume.

What makeup to wear with the Voluminous Butterfly mascara?

Any! Because you can use it to create light, feathery lashes, or build it up for a show-stopping flutter, you can go for any makeup look you want. A nice idea might be to apply a thick line of black liner before the mascara, and give yourself a sexy cat-eye . Or you could practice your blending skills , and choose a color palette to blend across your eyelid, followed with a sweep of mascara to define the eye.

Check our the L'Oréal Paris Canada Youtube page for more tutorials from Eddie Malter.

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