Model for Manish Arora with vintage-inspired curls

Vintage curls for Christmas: hairstyle tutorial

A Christmas hairstyle is a serious decision. It's highly likely you want to look your best, whether you're planning to party the day away with friends, lay low at home with your family, or travel far to meet your new love interest's family for the first time. By now you have probably chosen your holiday ensemble and maybe you're gearing up to give that new makeup palette a try, but what about your hair? Get curls for Christmas with this voluminous, vintage-inspired hairstyle.

Have yourself a hair-y little Christmas

Step one: Start with wet hair and apply a curl mousse all over, making sure it's evenly distributed from root to tip. Define your curl but skip the frizz by using a diffuser setting to dry your hair.

Step two: After your hair is dry, you want to spray a heat protectant all over and then give it a brush through. Separate your hair into a section in the back, then create a side part and section each side off.

Step three: Starting with the back section of your hair, hold the curling iron straight up and begin to curl small sections of hair. When you remove the hair from the iron, use your finger to curl it back up and pin it to your head.

Step four: Repeat the technique on each section of your hair, but for the front sections, hold the iron horizontally. Wait until all of the hair has cooled down.

Step five: Remove the pins from the hair and let the curls fall. Gently comb through with your fingers to loose the curls up and create volume. Use a leave-in conditioner or small amount of hair oil to smooth out the hair and give it some shine. Spray your hair all over with a high-hold hairspray to keep the curls in place.

This glamorous hairstyle would look great with a retro makeup look like the cat-eye or a currently on-trend look like a fuchsia lip .

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