Tracey Fairaway wore her hair in soft, rather retro curls for the premiere of the film "Enough Said" on September 7, 2013.

Vintage curls with Eric Del Monaco, L'Oréal Paris Canada's stylist and colorist at TIFF 2013

by Sarah-Jeanne Lapointe -

Vintage curls are a bit of a red carpet classic. It's easy to see why: they give your hair volume, personality and that little edge of glamour.

Vintage curls also happen to be quite a trend at the moment and they are definitely taking center stage at the Toronto International Film Festival.

We got a chance to chat curls with Eric Del Monaco, L'Oréal Paris Canada's very own colorist and stylist. Follow these steps to get your own beautiful 50s-inspired curls!

**The most important part of a vintage hairstyle is your side part. After you've used a comb to separate your hair, brush it out and apply a little bit of hair oil to the tips to rehydrate them!

A day look

To get a style that you can wear every day, use a curling iron. The goal? To get XXL curls, that are both loose and volume-filmed. Start by wrapping large strands around your curling iron. Focus on the ends, not the roots.

For a natural, full of body look, mix of the movement you give each curl. By that, we mean, wrap one strand towards the front and the next towards the back!

When your hair is all curled up, spray your brush or comb with spray and then run it ever so lightly through your hair. And-- voila! You've got a day look that manages to be both sexy and trendy!

A red carpet look

For really special occasions, our resident expert suggested using a slightly smaller curling iron. Follow the steps that we established for the daytime look. Instead of brushing through your curls at the end, however, you should simply spray all over with a satin-finish spray. This will make your beautiful curls catch the light... or should we say, spotlight?

Keep the classic look going with your make-up: add a touch of red lipstick and some cat eye eyeliner. The result will be a retro look that will never go out of style!

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