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What fringe for my face shape?

by Alice McGenniss-Destro -

The fringe is one of the most popular ways to style hair, and it is always showing up in new and re-thought ways. It's a way of changing your look completely in just a few snips, but shouldn't be taken lightly. Luckily there are bangs to suit all different face shapes, so whether it's a blunt cut or feathered to one side, we've got the fringe for you!

Find the Fringe that Suits you

Heart-shaped face

For those of you blessed with a heart-shaped face we would recommend a long, piecey full fringe. To style these bangs, blast your locks with heat while using a soft bristle brush to divide your locks. This will project a natural-looking finish that is neat, but not too straight.

Use your fingers to muss up your middle part then mist with hairspray for extra hold.

Square-shaped face

The square-shaped face is similar to above. Opt for full piecey bangs that finish just below your eyebrows. The key to working this style on a square-shaped face is to slightly feather your bangs. This will create softness around your face.

Oval-shaped face

Anything goes! Known as the most versatile shape, an oval face is the perfect canvas for a blunt full bangs or side-swept. Keep your bangs sleek with a pea-sized amount of serum.

The fringe test

If you're too scared to take the plunge, use the fake fringe test to see if the style will suit your face. Simply secure your hair in a high ponytail. Next, drag your hair up over the top of your head. Then use your free hand to style your chosen bangs.

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