Be ready for the sun with shades that flatter your face

What sunglasses for my face shape?

Summer = sunshine = sunglasses! But from aviators to wayfarers and cat eyes, how are you supposed to know what shape of shades will suit you best? By reading this guide, that's how!

Sun Style


Because aviators are both curved and linear, they suit every face shape. However, they do look best on square-shaped faces because the rounded glass softens the angular bone structure. The more 'egg-shaped' the frames, the more they will offset a strong or pointed jawline.

Cat eye

Super on-trend at the moment, ladies with heart and oval-shaped faces should thank their lucky stars, because they will look amazing in cat-eye shades!


If you don't know what face shape you have, and don't have the time to think much abuot it, go for a wayfarer style, which suits all face shapes.


Round or oval-shaped lenses will help soften the sharpness of square-shaped faces and add balance to the proportions.


The sharp, angular lines of square shades will elongate round faces and make then look thinner and sharper. Likewise, narrow faces will also suit square shapes thanks to the contrast created between your bone structure and the frames, making your jawline appear more pronounced.


Perfect for round faces, rectangular sunglasses give you definition. FYI - Black shades are also a good idea for those who want to slim down the appearance of their face.

Oversized or Butterfly

Can't imagine what a butterfly frame is? Think Jackie O. As a general rule, thick frames and oversized sunglasses look great on long or oval faces.

General rule: choose glasses that are the opposite shape to your face shape!

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