Cher Lloyd did a glamourous half-hawk.

Wild hairstyles: the half-hawk

by Marie Hazet -

For those of you who like tattoos and piercings and even mullets... this hairstyle article (and the half-hawk) is for you.

Let's take a look at this controversial 'do.

What IS a half-hawk?

No, we aren't dissecting animals here, we are discussing trends. The half-hawk is a hair cut where you shave part of your head and leave the rest to fall to its natural lengths. It is a rock cut, an asymetrical cut and it is not a cut for the faint-hearted.

The half-hawk in all its forms

Just like other trendy styles like the wet-look or ombre hair, there isn't just one way to do the half-hawk.

You can dish it up frizzy or straight, short or medium, long or extra long, salty or sweet... punk rocker or punk rocker.

That said, it is not the style for everyone. (Me, for example, though I did get convinced by the ombre look- check out my hairy adventure.)

Why dare the half-hawk?

- It's in style! And don't come back with "If it was in style to jump off a bridge, would you do it?" That is SO something my Dad would say.

- We are all a rebel at heart. Preppy posing is so over, begging to be replaced with studs, frankly everywhere.

Why pass on the half-hawk?

- The half-hawk is a beast to grow out. Unlike the fringe (which you can grow out stylishly with our guide), this hairstyle does not really look good in its adolescent period. And most of us can't afford extensions or good wigs (Besides, Nicki Minaj bought them all).

- Because braided crowns are also in style... and half-braided crowns don't have the same ring (literally... bahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...)

- Because, ultimately, I am afraid of commitment. That's it, isn't it? Why you don't want to be with me?

Anyway, I think you got it. This really is a divisive trend. Dare it? Or not...

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