Would you dare to wear... whtie blonde hair?

Would you dare to wear... white blonde hair?

Though it's a bold and edgy look, Marilyn Monroe's signature shade of platinum white blonde is generally considered a timeless classic. With that status, the hue has never fallen out of style, but it's certainly become more on-trend in recent years, with high style celebs such as Gwen Stefani, Rita Ora, Michelle Williams, and Miley Cyrus championing the look.

Love the look

When we spotted this model from the Micheal Kors Autumn Winter 2014/15 runway, we kind of fell for her look, but more specifically her hair! White blonde is a head-turning color that's sure to stand out in a crowd, really boosts the rich colors of one's eyes and lips, will never compete with your beauty look, and plus, who doesn't want to channel their inner Daenerys Targaryen?!

Things to consider

- Don't do this by yourself! While touch ups might be feasable at home, the original transition from your natural color to platinum should be done by a professional.

- Maintenance. Dying your hair can seriously dry out and damage it if you don't follow the right post-dye practices. That means regularly having split ends chopped off to keep your hair looking fresh and frizz-free, plus regularly conditioning (hello, hair masks!) to combat dry, weakened hair. Once every two weeks your beloved locks will need a nourishing hair mask... at least.

- Expense. As you can imagine, between regular salon visits for touch ups and trims plus at home treatments, having platinum blonde hair is a big time and financial commitment.

Styling options

Okay, you've considered your options and you're going for white blonde hair! Well, then you'll need to style it! How about an edgy faux undercut, romantic braided updo, or super sleek loose look? Have fun!

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