Zendaya at the Grammy Awards 2014

Zendaya at the Grammys: smoky eye and wet look hair

We were spoilt for choice when it came to striking celebrity looks at the Grammy Awards on Sunday. One of our favorites was Zendaya and, because we couldn't choose between her hair and her makeup, we decided to write about both of them!

Not a hair out of place

The wet look is a popular hairstyle on the runway, but only a handful of celebrities have been brave enough to try it themselves. Zendaya's look is created by combing a wet-look gel across the sides of her head, stopping at the nape of the neck.

To create the volume on top, repeat the combing process, but using a very small amount of styling gel instead of wet-look gel. When combing across the scalp towards the back, stop halfway and push gently in the opposite direction to create a small ridge.

Finish by using hairspray on the sides and top, but not the lengths, which should be brushed through with a paddle brush and left to drape down the back naturally.

Super smoky eyes

Zendaya really knocked the ball out of the park with her makeup look. We've seen her with smoky eyes before, but normally in golden shades, not in this striking black and navy blue color palette.

It looks like Zendaya has started with a navy blue on the lid and under the lower lashes, and then used a loose black eyeshadow to darken the eyelids. A shimmery golden highlighter or cream-based eyeshadow under the arch of the brow widens her eyes, and a line of black kohl along the waterline draws attention to her chocolate brown eyes. Beautiful!

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