Zoe Saldana attends a press conference for her latest film, <em>Infinitely Polar Bear, </em>on June 5, 2015 in Los Angeles, California

Zoe Saldana hairstyle tutorial: how to recreate her soft curls

Zoe Saldana recently attended a press conference for her latest film, Infinitely Polar Bear, having what might be one of her best beauty moments ever. The actress and L'Oréal Paris ambassador coordinated her floral blouse with a matte poppy-red lip, subtle cat eye liner, and beautifully smooth, soft curls. To get Zoe's beauty look, take cues from this pin-up beauty tutorial from Madrid Fashion Week. To get her lovely hairstyle, keep reading...

About the look

There's no better way to show off glossy, healthy hair than with a loose style. This one boasts an on-trend center part that's sleek enough at the root to really reflect the light. Perfectly formed curls cascade over both shoulders, framing the face.

Get the look

Step one

Start with dry, straight hair that has been well spritzed with heat protection spray. Then, section off your hair into two sections (top and bottom) around eye level.

Step two

Starting the curls lower down along the hair shaft creates a more natural look. So, starting with the bottom, grab a section of hair that's about 3" thick. Using a medium-sized curling wand or iron, wrap the hair around starting at ear length. Hold the hair on the barrel for a few sections and then gently let it off. Continue all around until the bottom section is completely curled.

Step three

Let the top section loose and repeat step two all the way around, starting the curls just a little higher (brow level).

Step four

Once you're done and all of the curls have cooled, gently brush through the curls with a natural bristle brush to give them a softer appearance.

Step five

Spritz your hair all over with a gloss hairspray to keep the curls in place all day long.

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