Hugh Laurie

Funny, frank and manly, Hugh Laurie, aka Doctor House, is the most-watched leading man on television. Born in Oxford on 11 June 1959, Hugh graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in anthropology.

The actor began his career in 1982 and soon starred in multiple film and television roles after the success of 101 Dalmatians and Stuart Little. Hugh was also the voice of animated characters in films such as Valiant, Monsters vs. Aliens and more recently, Hop with Russell Brand.

Establishing a formidable reputation as an English actor in the 80s, the misanthrope Doctor House soon propelled Hugh Laurie to international acclaim. In 2004, the anti-hero all but conquered the United States and bagged two consecutive wins at the Golden Globe in 2006 and 2007.

But this L'Oréal ambassador wears many hats. In addition to comedy, Hugh sings, plays piano and has been a proud member of the group Band from TV since 2006. On 26 July 26 2010, Hugh Laurie signed a contract with Warner Music Entertainment and released his first album, Let them talk, the following year. Ranked second in the Hexagon charts, the album reinterprets classic blues songs with well-known artists such as Dr John, Tom Jones and Irma Thomas.