Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey is a comedy staple in American cinema, but this funny man originally hails from Ontario, Canada. Carrey first became a household name when he earned a spot on sketch comedy show In Living Color in 1990. However, it wasn't until his breakout performance as Ace Ventura: Pet Detective that he became an international superstar. He has appeared in films such as The Mask, Dumb and Dumber, Liar Liar, Yes Man, and Bruce Almighty.

Though highly successful due to his comedic performaces, the actor took a risk in 1998 when he appeared in the drama-comedy The Truman Show. Not only was the film financially successful, it was met with critical acclaim and earned the actor his first Golden Globe award. He received his second Golden Globe the following year for his portrayal of Andy Kaufman in Man on the Moon, and his third award for his work in How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Carrey earned his fourth Golden Globe, for perhaps his most serious and impressive effort to date, as Joel Barish in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Carrey has continued to act in and produce commercially and critically successful comedic films. His first children's book was published in September 2013.